Club Activities
The Players Club of Detroit

As a private theater organization, some activities are member only. To become a member, please complete the New Member Application and review our How to Become a Member FAQ.

Activities that the Playhouse performs are by invitation only.

Public Events

Caberet 313

Come Together: When the 60s Met the 70s - Carole J. Bufford
March 28th, 2020
6:30p.m. and 8:45p.m.
$125 Preferred, $60 General, $25 40 & Younger
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Become a Member FAQ

Do I have to act to be a member?

No. It is encouraged that you get involved in either acting, or one of the many other areas in the club that needs assistance, such as backstage management, light and sound booth, costumes, script review, or even directing. But you are not required to be on stage.

What is required of a member?

Players are expected to be gentlemen, respectful of each other and all guests. It is a club steeped in traditions, so all members are required to attend “frolics” and any Players’ public events in black tie and evening attire.

Are there any benefits or perks with membership?

Yes, Players now has a reciprocal club agreement with a number of fine private and semi-private clubs in cities such as Dallas, Delray Beach, Houston, Los Angeles, Lisbon, London, and Paris.

We even have our own Yacht club with admission privileges at a number of yacht clubs throughout the United States. The terms of admission vary with each club. Many have overnight lodging facilities. For more information, a brochure is available in the office or by contacting the club liaison.

How do you get tickets or an invitation?

For Invitational: Contacting the Players Office (313-259-3385) is the best thing to do if there are any special requests. Otherwise, placing an email request through the website will get you a response through an email or a phone call to confirm your order.

If you have never been here before and want to attend a frolic, contact the office to arrange a conversation about potential membership.

What attire should guests wear?

Guests should always wear business attire (dark suit and tie). If ladies are attending an Invitational, they may wear business attire such as a suit or conservative dress. Or they may choose a formal. But it is the responsibility of the inviting Player or event coordinator to make sure that their guests are dressed appropriately. No one likes to be embarrassed at the door for a dress faux pas!